TRANSFORM 2020: Driving change with decisive action

27 Nov 2019

TRANSFORM 2020 is no talkfest. With echoes of Elvis, we’re offering a little less conversation, a little more action.

As the debate around climate change hots up, the industry’s feedback on our first TRANSFORM conference was clear. Conversations, connections and innovative case studies are valuable, but delegates want to leave our conference with plans for practical action.

From 24-25 March, TRANSFORM 2020 will help you do just that.

We've got challenging and controversial speakers ready to make you think. 

There’s former NSW premier Bob Carr, freshly-minted Professor of Climate and Business at UTS, who is championing business and technology-led action on climate change.

There’s actor and director Damon Gameau, the brainchild behind documentary 2040 which confronts prevailing pessimism with an alternative, regenerative future.

And there’s Sara Rickards, a self-confessed “potty mouth” who co-founded F*ckgiving to harness human action for the good of the planet, and who will lead an interactive session designed to activate ideas and influence.

Other international speakers will be beamed in from around the world – like Urban Green Council’s John Mandyck in New York, Sitra’s Jyri Arponin in Helskini and James Close from Circular London – to save emissions and show that sustainable business is no sacrifice.  

Expect the exploration of big topics in the plenary sessions to be matched by the 16 spectacular breakout sessions that create a ‘choose your own adventure’. 

We’ll dive deep into practical topics from regenerative design to reinventing supply chains, building an all-electric future to bringing embodied carbon up front. 

There’ll be structured networking, plenty of storytelling and a big shot of inspiration. 

But most of all, TRANSFORM 2020 will provide the positive impetus to inspire change and drive deliberate and decisive action. 

The $400 Super Advanced Discount is available until 1 December, so there’s no time to pause. Take action today.

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