A thank you to our National Strategic Partners

11 Dec 2018

GBCA Head of Industry Development, Lucy Harris, celebrates a year of successful partnerships.

As we reflect on the year gone by and acknowledge some of the strides we’ve taken as an industry, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our National Strategic Partners: Frasers Property Australia, Lendlease and Stockland, for helping us reach some momentous milestones in 2018.

From 2,000 Green Star certified projects, to the launch of our Carbon Positive Roadmap, and our Future Homes framework, we’re gaining momentum to create healthy, sustainable places for everyone.

Our National Strategic Partners are critical in helping the GBCA to lead the sustainable transformation of the built environment by supporting strategic direction and activities.  As our influence grows, we can deliver more, accelerating this transformation and safeguarding our future in the face of climate change.

These are exciting times to be part of a movement that is galvanising professionals from the property and construction industry to shape a better future.

If you want to walk this journey with us, there are opportunities to come on board as a GBCA partner.

From the race to a net zero carbon built environment, to building better homes for Australians, to supporting our events and education program, this is a chance to position your organisation as a leader in sustainability.

Are you with us?

Find out more information about how you can get involved a GBCA partner or contact lucy.harris@gbca.org.au.