Is sustainability just about using less?

20 Feb 2017

From waste to wellbeing, the next step in ensuring a sustainable built environment relies on uncovering the pillars that will bolster its transformation.

Some may say sustainability is about using less.

But as the program for Green Cities this year proves, our industry is doing more and more.

From workplace wellness to wearable technology, resilience to reconciliation, the discussions this year reflect our industry’s deep understanding that sustainability isn’t about survival.

Sustainability is about building a flourishing future.

Futurist Chris Riddell, for example, will share why the era of artificial intelligence can help us get smarter with how we use our resources.

Tech trailblazer Catherine Caruana-McManus will delve into why data mining can help us boost efficiencies, profits and the performance of people.

The Rev Tim Costello will share his thoughts on why kindness, compassion and authentic leadership will steer our ship on a sustainable course.

KPMG partner Catherine Hunter will look at why putting reconciliation at the heart of our placemaking and learning from Indigenous people can help us build places that are resilient, respectful and uniquely Australian.

While we face global political uncertainty and the reality of climate change every time we step outside, our industry maintains an optimistic outlook.

Together, we are making progress, and each year we challenge ourselves, our competitors and our customers to do more.

So, if you haven’t booked your ticket it’s not too late to join the doers and dynamos making the world a better place.