Stockland’s vision for homes of the future

28 Jul 2020

Stockland is Australia’s largest residential developer and we’re thrilled to have them on board as our Gold Future Homes Partner. We spoke to Andrew Whitson, Group Executive and CEO Communities, and GBCA Director, about why sustainable homes are a priority for Stockland.

Now open for consultation, our draft Green Star Homes Standard invites feedback from industry, consumers, builders, banks, investors and insurers to create a thorough Standard, reflective of current challenges. After recently gaining a position on the Global Climate A List, Stockland continues to show it is a corporate leader in climate action, joining us as the Gold Future Homes Partner.

“It’s incredibly important for us to lead in the homes space and that’s why we’re excited about working with GBCA on the Homes strategy. There’s never been a more important time to be launching this,” said Andrew.

The importance of a livable, healthy and resilient home is crucial. Recent events – including the fire, smoke and heat of the past summer and the ongoing upheaval of a pandemic - have seen us take shelter in our homes more than ever. 

Australians had already spent 90% of our times indoors and two thirds of that time was in our homes. Today our homes have transitioned into offices and learning spaces while remaining places of respite and a consumer-led change, to cater for these emerging needs, is on the horizon. 

“We’ve seen customer preferences change and accelerate. People are going to work from home now, so is the home set up to do that? Is it a low energy environment? Is it resilient and healthy? These things will go from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’,” shared Andrew.

While our Green Star Homes Standard has been in the making for some time now, this rapidly evolving consumer appetite is driving us to work with industry to transform the residential sector. To achieve widespread change at scale, the Standard is primarily targeted at volume home builders and large-scale residential developers.

Our early access program has already received strong support with  Stockland, Metricon, Rawson Homes, Chatham Homes, Passive House and Development Victoria all committing to piloting the new draft Standard and we look forward to seeing and reviewing their homes of the future. And what does Andrew think the home of tomorrow will look like? 

“The home of the future is going to be a healthier environment; it’s going to be comfortable for people to live in. There will be various spaces where people can coexist together, and it’s going to give you greater access to open space where we can bring the outside in and take the inside out. These will be very important elements for how we live in the future.” 

GBCA thanks our Gold Future Homes Partner Stockland and Supporting Partners Bank Australia, BlueScope, Cbus Property, the Insurance Council of Australia, Landcom, Geberit and SGCH.