Romilly Madew reflects on award honours

18 Oct 2017

Romilly Madew’s ‘sustained leadership and advocacy’ has been applauded by the World Green Building Council.

Earlier this month, Romilly attended the WorldGBC annual congress in Jaipur, India, where she was honoured with the WorldGBC’s Chairman’s Award for her work to advance sustainability on a global scale.

WorldGBC Chairman Tai Lee Siang acknowledged Romilly’s tireless commitment to developing green buildings, cities and communities not just in Australia, but across many regions.

“Since 2006, Romilly has been at the forefront of a global movement to change the shape of our buildings, communities and cities,” he said.

“Not only has Romilly been instrumental in transforming Australia’s building industry through her sustained leadership and advocacy, but she has played a vital role at the global level.”

Since taking the reins of the GBCA over a decade ago, Romilly has helped several green building councils to get off the ground, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Africa.

Further acknowledging the impact she has had in this space, Romilly received a second award from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) this month, a Special Commendation for her role in helping to establish the organisation.

Romilly has been involved with the GBCSA for over a decade, advising the organisation on green building practices through the use of the Green Star rating system.

This is just one of the many international GBCs the passionate CEO has collaborated and shared her vision with over the years.

On accepting the award, Romilly reflects on the path of challenges and success.

“We are all on a journey of discovery; of sharing, learning and friendship,” she says.  .

“GBCA’s work with the green building councils across the world has taught us so much and our success is a reflection of what we have learnt from our colleagues.

With more than 1,715 buildings, communities and fit-outs now certified using the Green Star rating system and 650 individual companies with a collective annual turnover of more than $40 billion under its belt, the Green Building Council of Australia continues to expand into new sectors.

 “We have an incredibly strong, powerful and influential industry association in Australia.

“We now cover such a rich range of issues – from reconciliation with Indigenous Australians to gender diversity; and from responsible construction practices, to sustainable supply chains, through to affordable housing.

“We have a long road ahead of us – but one we know we share with a growing network of talented and dedicated people who will help us succeed, just as we are willing to help every one of your organisations succeed.”