Momentum creates momentum

Daramu House, NSW, Lendlease 6 Star Green Star - Design & As Built v1.2

28 Apr 2021

A word from Davina Rooney, CEO, Green Building Council of Australia

Momentum creates momentum – and that is what is happening as we work together to build healthy, resilient and positive places.

Just this week, the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors, which represents $1 trillion in investments and around 10% of shares in our top 200 companies, announced it would vote against directors who do not align corporate strategy with the Paris Agreement. 

This is just one example of why momentum is not just about motion. It is about all the work that comes before the motion – the force. Richard Evans has worked in recruitment for more than two decades and he says our momentum now is a result of both force and FOMO. With decision makers understanding that net zero is viable, they’re now asking “how can we do that too?” In this issue of Green Building Voice Richard shares where the jobs will be and how to stay a step ahead.

Country Road is an iconic Australian brand pushing boundaries and staying one step ahead. We were lucky to learn a few success secrets from Alicia Buffinton, Country Road’s store designer and development manager, recently. Reflecting on Australia’s changing consumer attitudes, Alicia shares how her company’s bold sustainability ambitions have grown since opening its first 5 Star Green Star store in 2019 –the first retail fashion store in Australia to do so.

Momentum is also building among political leaders, who recognise the potential for an energy efficiency “jobs revolution,” as Labor leader Anthony Albanese said at the recent Clean Energy Jobs Summit. 

I was thrilled to join Australia’s leaders in green energy at the Summit as we explored how our abundant and potent sunlight, when combined with green hydrogen, puts us in prime position as the world’s ‘green furnace’. Hundreds of thousands of jobs could be ahead. Just one report, Building efficiency for jobs and growth, estimated 90,000 job years of employment could be created as we drive down emissions and cut energy costs by $4.8 billion annually.

We must, of course, ensure our industry has the skills to support the growing momentum and the green jobs bonanza heading our way. Ongoing training has never been more important, which is why we place so much emphasis on Green Building Day (which earns attendees six CPD points if you need a top up!). 

After scrutinising the big picture strategy at TRANSFORM, Green Building Day allows us to shift gears and turn strategy into action. While I love that TRANSFORM’s online platform allows us to bring our network together regardless of where they live, I’m excited that Green Building Day will be held in-person in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. There’s no better way to maintain our motivation – and our momentum.