Meet outgoing Board member John Flecker

25 Feb 2021

John Flecker commenced with Multiplex Constructions as a Cadet Site Engineer in 1987 and was appointed to Global CEO in 2019. As an engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, John has an enduring interest in the operational performance of buildings and their impact on those who use them but notes that this wasn’t a consideration when he started out in the industry.

“When I started in 1987 sustainability wasn’t really a conversation at all. Jump forward to 2002 when GBCA commenced, the perception around Green Star was that it was about material selections, energy and water. If I jump another decade forward to 2013 when I joined the GBCA Board, the conversation had expanded into performance of buildings and the experience of users, this was quite a shift,” says John.

John is a founding Director of the Literacy for Life Foundation, a Board Member of the Australian Constructors Association and is Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Scotch College (WA) Foundation (Inc) and on the school Council. He has observed that passion is a standard feature of not-for-profit boards, and that this will be his lasting impression of GBCA.

“One constant over this whole journey has been the professionalism and enthusiasm of the GBCA executive and staff, also the engagement of the board was really positive and quite powerful. I’ve been involved in many not for profits and it’s a fairly common theme but this one really stands out in that regard and that’s a highlight of my time with GBCA,” says John.

John recalls a strategy meeting when he started at GBCA where the Board shared their vision for a built environment that was sustainable, healthy and future-ready. He says one of the more rewarding aspects of his GBCA journey has been seeing these ambitious discussions from 2013 come to life in cities and communities around Australia.

“We had some fairly aspirational conversations back then about homes, infrastructure and the concept of the performance of buildings and the wellbeing of occupants, and when I departed the board at the end of last year, quite pleasingly performance had been embedded into Green Star, there’s collaboration with WELL, and we’re well advanced in the thinking and engagement in the homes space too,” says John.

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