Meet our RAP Committee: Anna Hendricks, Technical Coordinator

03 Jul 2018

3 JUL 2018

As a Green Star Technical Coordinator, Anna has helped our RAP Committee organise logistics for special events and provided input into how we can make reconciliation an priority for the GBCA. Here she shares why she jumped on board to be part of this milestone journey for our organisation.


Why did you join the GBCA RAP Committee?

I’m passionate about working towards reconciliation with First Australians and see this as a vital part of an inclusive society that celebrates diversity and honours Indigenous culture.  I joined the RAP committee as a small step in the right direction to help make this happen.

What was your previous experience with Indigenous Australians prior to coming on board?

Unfortunately, not much. I went to school with a specialised Indigenous stream and had an overview of Australia’s history through curriculum, but never engaged directly with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities.

What did you hope to learn from coming on board?

To learn more about how we should be encouraging reconciliation as individuals as well as an organisation, and how to communicate this with others.  

Can you pick one standout experience from being on the RAP Committee so far?

Definitely attending our RAP launch breakfast, where we had around 100 of our members coming along to support and learn more about the process of reconciliation how they can get involved from a business perspective.

How has the GBCA staff embraced the spirit of reconciliation?

We’ve embraced the spirit of reconciliation by tapping into Indigenous businesses through Supply Nation for services such as catering.  We’ve also attended Indigenous workshops and site tours.

In what ways do you believe reconciliation and Indigenous engagement can provide positive impacts on the sustainable built environment?

Indigenous Australians have inhabited this land for thousands of years, and so we should look to their methods and practices around caring for community and environment as a way to inform how we operate.