How to make the brand work for you

28 Jul 2020

Have you noticed something different about how we look? We hope you’ll also notice that what we do and how we do it has not changed. The same team is here to help with your projects so we can bring our shared vision of healthy, resilient and positive places to live.

By now our public facing assets including this website, emails and social media accounts have been updated with our new brand, including a new logo, refreshed colours and an updated website. These elements will support our goal of a more sustainable future, an ambition that’s supported by our Members too. 

As we work toward this target together, our team is here to support you as while roll out the brand across projects, cities and communities around Australia. To help you get started we’re excited to share your marketing kit, the kit is available in the 'downloads' section of information portal on the primary contacts profile.

This kit includes our new logo, a digital decal, a Member badge to celebrate our collaboration, brand guidelines so you know how to use our new brand, and a marketing guide with tips on how you can market your membership.

We’ve also collated a list of questions frequently asked by contacts like you. We hope this will help you along the way and that you’ll use this page as a go-to for all things brand related. Remember, you can contact our team for assistance too by emailing

Can I use the new Green Star certification trademark for my project? 

The Green Star certification trademark has been refreshed, it is now available on the Project Portal. If you need it have any further questions, contact us.

Can I use the Green Star certified logo on my project even though it was certified prior to the rebrand?


Will you have plaques and decals?

These are not available yet. Please email us on the above address to join the waiting list and we’ll let you know when they’re available.