A better standard for homes for greater social impact

27 May 2020

SGCH is one of the largest community housing providers in Australia, housing more than 11,000 people in 6,500 homes across Sydney. SGCH has a varied portfolio of owned, leased and managed stock and is delivering a development pipeline of over 1,000 new homes.

Our social and affordable housing tenants are amongst the most vulnerable Australians, impacted by rising energy costs and bill shock. We actively partner to address energy efficiency for these low-moderate income households we serve. Our strategy invests in long-term sustainability measures that deliver social, economic and environmental benefits. 

This commitment led us to support Green Building Council of Australia’s Future Homes project. Our support for the new Green Star for Homes standard to ensure new homes are built to a higher standard which is focused on health, resilience and net zero energy is strongly aligned to our commitment to provide safe, sustainable homes and improve communities.

As a not-for-profit organisation we work with government, private and third sector partners to deliver social impact. SGCH is entrusted with public resources and we understand our responsibility to sustainably steward these resources for community benefit. Underpinned by ESG principles, SGCH has worked to leverage its assets to secure $415 million in debt finance which is working to increase the supply of social and affordable housing.

$170 million of this finance is with Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). Since 2015, SGCH have worked with CEFC to incorporate sustainability measures in our new developments, and retrofit older, existing properties to deliver ongoing benefits. To date, 217 new homes have been built, 306 are under construction and 1,230 homes have been retrofitted. SGCH develops, retains and maintains its properties, therefore improved sustainability measures such as solar panels that power common areas also reduce operating costs over time, savings we reinvest for purpose.

Improving energy efficiency and thermal comfort improves the housing experience for our customers and provides benefits to all our community through a reduced carbon footprint. The difference these homes make to our customers lives is significant.

Our 67-unit Great Western Highway, Westmead development won the Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Award for Affordable Housing in 2019 and has a 4 Star Green Star and 6.8 NatHERS rating.

Nadine and her young daughter moved into the new Westmead development after her marriage broke down. Working full time, studying and supporting her daughter, Nadine is pleased that during the winter her energy bills are much cheaper due to the installation of energy efficient heating. Nadine is now saving on rent and household bills.

Westmead CEFC
gibbons street redfern sgch

We aim to amplify this impact as we design and develop homes that are comfortable, efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. This includes our newest landmark 162-unit development under construction in Gibbons Street, Redfern which will be our highest energy efficient building to date with an 8.3 NatHERS rating.