Here's how you shaped Green Building Day 2017

10 Jul 2017

Recently we wrapped up Green Building Day 2017, exploring an interconnected future for green buildings and sustainable cities.

Now, we’re unearthing how you and your industry counterparts rated this year’s event.

We’ve collated the data from the post-event survey, as well as your comments, suggestions and feedback on industry during our interactive sessions with giant Jenga.

Across Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, here’s your collective feedback on where we’re headed as an industry. Here’s how we’re shaping up:

Top five sustainability trends you’d like Green Star to address

1.       Net zero energy or carbon positive (73%)

2.       Health and wellbeing (56%)

3.       Responsible materials use (51%)

4.       Climate change adaptation and mitigation (48%)

5.       Community, connection, liveability (42%)

Top five megatrends

1.       Population increase in cities (73%)

2.       Internet of things, robotics, autonomous vehicles (51%)

3.       Energy security (50%)

4.       Housing affordability (46%)

5.       Big data, artificial intelligence (42%)

Essential elements for a Green Star rating

1.       Energy efficiency (57%)

2.       Climate adaptation and resilience (34%)

3.       Renewable energy – offsite or onsite (34%)

4.       Indoor air quality (27%)

5.       Waste reduction and recycling (26%)

As for your input during our interactive sessions using giant Jenga, we gained invaluable suggestions from your comments etched into each wooden block:

From all of us here at the GBCA, we would like to thank you once again for coming along to Green Building Day 2017 and exploring the Pillars of Change with us.

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