Evolution of membership

29 Jun 2020

Established in 2002, The Green Building Council of Australia is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation committed to developing a sustainable built environment.

In 18 years, our membership has blossomed from 23 to over 550 organisations, collectively committed to the sustainable transformation of the built environment. 

Jeff Oatman, Senior Manager – Membership, shares how diversity is the strength of our membership and how together with our members, we use this strong point to work toward our shared vision to create healthy, resilient and positive places.

Whilst the composition of members has changed and developed over the years, the support for our work has been consistent. There is a direct link between our strong base of long-term supporters and the successful delivery of our mission. Through collaboration with members  some of our achievements include:

  • over 2,600 Green Star certifications
  • 40% of office space is Green Star certified
  • 1.3 million people visit a Green Star-rated shopping centre each day
  • 60,000 people live in Green Star-rated apartments
  • 455,000+ people are moving into Green Star communities

Looking over the past 18 years and reflecting on the challenges our members have faced and overcome, I see natural parallels with the uncertainty we face today with the COVID-19 pandemic. My personal discussions with members reveal two camps of thought: those who acknowledge now is not the time to back away from sustainability and that now is the time to double our efforts, and those who are uncertain of what the future holds but are also keen to press forward.

Both camps are united in why they continue to support GBCA during these uncertain times. It’s the  level and focus of the work underway at GBCA that shines through as a key motivator. Whether it be delivering meaningful policy wins for sustainable social infrastructure, overhauling Green Star to meet the critical issues of decade ahead, or engaging in the new standard for sustainable homes in Australia, our members tell us they are excited by the work we are doing and plan to do.

This important work isn’t possible without our members. Our members recognise the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that collective collaboration will ultimately lead to greater outcomes for our industry and the planet.We look forward to continuing this work through the next 20 years and beyond.

Our members are part of an impressive and ever-growing list of organisations at the forefront of sustainable development in Australia. We welcome organisations of any size and sector that want to make our buildings, cities and communities better places to live, work and play.