Every Building Counts

27 Apr 2023

The name of our report says it all: Every Building Counts.

A massive $20 billion in savings and 64 million metric tonnes of avoided carbon emissions can be achieved if we develop a national, consistent plan to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings.

Another $49 billion in savings and 199 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions are up for grabs through electrification.

These headline numbers illustrate the huge opportunity for the built environment to drive the net zero transition.

This message is not new. When we launched Every Building Counts with the Property Council in October 2019 it was the first practical plan for emissions reduction in the built environment.

The report outlined 75 recommendations for all three tiers of government. At the time, Australia had signed the Paris Agreement but didn’t have a clear emissions reduction target or a pathway to net zero by 2050. We now do.

We also have billions pouring into everything from grid decarbonisation to green skills development. But buildings remain responsible for almost a quarter of Australia’s carbon emissions and half of our electricity use.

This is why we are launching Every Building Counts 2.0 today. This is a roadmap for our governments to deliver a zero-carbon-ready built environment. With updated recommendations tailored for every level of government, the launch of policy plans for both state & territory and local government will follow in the coming weeks.

Nationally consistent policy is our first priority and we are honoured that Senator Jenny McAllister, Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy, can join us to officially launch the federal policy plan today.

The refreshed guide reflects global and local progress since 2019. Investors have sharpened their focus on ESG and a just transition (more on both ESG and the just transition in this month’s issue of Green Building Voice). Financial markets are on the move. Product manufacturers are beginning to calculate embodied carbon. The market for electric vehicles is growing. These are just a few proof points of progress in four years.

Since the launch of Every Building Counts, we have spent years in deep collaboration, consultation and research with the industry through Green Star Future Focus – and that gives us insights into the obstacles that only governments can address.

With a progressive federal government that wants to lead change, the natural next step is a positive plan for property. Every Building Counts is that positive plan.

Every Building Counts: download the report