Celebrating our Great Place to Work

28 Jul 2020

During times of uncertainty and change it can be helpful to return to what is known and true. Last week Green Building Council of Australia’s team of 48 were able to once again take comfort in something they already knew, that GBCA is a Great Place to Work.

Great Place to Work’s methodology is rigorous and sets a global standard for defining great workplaces across industry types. For listed companies, the recognition represents the most definitive employer-of-choice and workplace quality certification that any organisation can receive. 

Over 60 companies took part in the category of companies with under 100 employees and in that list, we ranked 11th with 100% of staff anonymously surveyed agreeing that GBCA is a Great Place to Work. Other key take-aways from the survey were that 100% of staff believe that management is honest and ethical while 100% also feel good about the way we contribute to the community.

What makes GBCA a Great Place to Work? One staff member commented in the survey that, “GBCA is very aware of the priority to ensure the well-being of staff. This is evident in the overall culture of the organisation where there is a genuine sense of camaraderie and support offered between different teams. The understanding and positivity around the work life of parents is also unique.”

Prior to COVID-19, and in an effort to boost inter-team collaboration, we enabled channels for colleagues to attend meetings in teams different to their own. This initiative encourages teams to share their long-term strategies and goals with each other, creating more transparency between teams and an opportunity for inter-team cooperation.

GBCA has always been committed to ensuring employees’ health and wellbeing. This was recently demonstrated when management transitioned staff to work from home prior to the COVID-19 lockdown and the flexibility already in place enabled this to be a smooth, supported change. 

Daily events are now held to keep employees moving and healthy and there are many ways for teams to informally connect including morning coffee breaks and virtual drinks. We had a virtual chat to some of our team to hear why they think GBCA is a Great Place to Work, you can watch it below.

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