Are precincts the key to liveable cities?

08 Oct 2018

Can sustainable precincts unlock the door to a better future for Australians? Stuart Moseley, CEO at the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) believes so.

Melbourne has often been coined the world’s most liveable city, but with its population projected to hit 10 million by 2050, there will be challenges ahead if it wants to maintain liveability as it grows.

Among these challenges are climate change, housing affordability, density and access to local jobs and services, all of which are barriers to creating sustainable, resilient cities.

So how do we break them down?

“As our populations grow and extreme weather events increase, planning around precincts allows us to build-in sustainability by bringing housing, jobs and services closer together and designing-in measures that mitigate and adapt to climate change.” Stuart says.

Reporting to the Minister for Planning, the VPA is responsible for planning new communities in growth areas across Victoria and is key to delivering the Government’s strategic planning policy to locate 70 per cent of Melbourne’s new housing stock into established areas, rich in infrastructure and services.

“We’ve got a number of precincts in the pipeline that will reinvigorate the way we see communities.”

“The Arden renewal precinct in North Melbourne is catalysed by the Metro Tunnel underground station, paving the way for an employment hub with 34,000 jobs and 15,00 residents. We have committed to working towards zero net emissions by 2050, and will prioritise pedestrians and cyclists throughout the entire precinct.”

“Another example is Merrifield North which will challenge the way green infrastructure is delivered by going beyond treating stormwater in a traditional sense, and integrating water management into urban form at the precinct scale with new community uses, employment opportunities and residential forms.”

“Combining these elements is what successfully brings a community to life,” Stuart says.

Stuart will be presenting on the challenges of driving sustainable urban form, delivering green infrastructure and integrated water management in sustainable precincts, and a range of other exciting insights into the VPA’s sustainability agenda.

Want to know more about Stuart and the VPA’s role in the planning for tomorrow? He’ll be joining us at Spotlight Seminars: Future Precincts in Melbourne on 23 October.