A change for better buildings

29 Aug 2023

In 2020, we were proud to release Green Star Buildings – our new rating tool for new buildings and major refurbishments. This was the biggest overhaul of the Green Star rating system in over 18 years, designed to ensure the built environment responds to the challenges of the next decade.  

Since launch, Green Star Buildings has been embraced by industry with over 400 new buildings registering under the tool – the fastest uptake out of all Green Star rating tools – and we’ll soon share which building has achieved the first certification.  Over 20 other buildings are close to certification and it’s clear that this is the tool our industry needed to take our buildings beyond the decade of decarbonisation. Green Star Buildings also: 

  • Reduce the impact of climate change 
  • Enhance our health and quality of life 
  • Restore and protect our planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems 
  • Drive resiliency within the built environment 

At GBCA we have been encouraged by the way industry has embraced our new vision of buildings for the future - but there is still more to do.  

From investing in new features for our online system, to supporting you in your journey to certification; from creating practical guides to move the built environment forward, to roadmaps for nature and circular economy, we will continue to advocate for change.  

We also aim to deliver more value for your rating - from our new marketing materials, a new products database, and even recognition from international frameworks like Climate Bonds Initiative, we are just getting started.  

To help us continue this trajectory, from 18 September 2023, the fees for Green Star Buildings are changing.  

The fee increase comes after careful consideration, consultation and research. It will support continued investment in the transformation of Australia’s built environment, for the better, while remaining competitive in comparison to other rating systems on the market. 

While fees will be increasing for many projects, we will also soon announce new discounted fees for those projects driving social good in industry.  

You can learn more about the changes to Green Star Buildings here on our Green Star certification fees page.