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Within the standard certification process, there are two rounds of assessment. At the first round of assessment, points can be awarded and the project can be certified, or points may not be awarded and the project is provided with comments and the opportunity to address these items at the second round of assessment. During the Round 2 assessment, additional documentation addressing the Round 1 comments is assessed.

When the results of the assessment have been validated and awarded the Green Star rating, we will award a Green Star certified rating.

Steps to making your submission and having it assessed

  1. Prepare Round 1 submission
  2. Submit your project
  3. Round 1 assessment
  4. Prepare and submit for Round 2 submission
  5. Round 2 assessment
  6. Certification!

Remember to read the overview of resources to understand what technical support and guidance we provide as you prepare your submission. In particular Technical Questions and Area Definitions:

Query typesPurposeHow to submit an enquiry
Technical QuestionA request for further clarification on an item within in the credit.How to submit a Technical Question
Area definitionA request to confirm whether your interpretation of the nominated area is correct.How to submit an Area Definition request
Eligibility QueryA request to provide clarification around your project’s eligibility for certification.How to submit an Eligibility Query

Answers to queries must be included as part of your submission, as they are used by the independent certified assessors when assessing your project. The official query response overrules any guidance in the credit, and are a great way to ensure a successful submission.

Queries can be submitted online through the Green Star Project Manager. We aim to answer all queries within 10 working days. Due to the complexity of some queries submitted, we may require further explanation from project teams. In these cases, a member of the Green Star team will contact you to discuss.


Want to be certified before end of year? financial year? or some other deadline?  We understand that many project teams have timelines set around major events, and to support this we’ve created guidelines, which specify the deadlines you’ll need to meet in order to have your project certified in time for key milestones. Check these out!

1. Prepare your round 1 submission

Once your project is registered, the project team need to prepare documentation (e.g. drawings and calculations) to satisfy the Green Star requirements outlined within the Submission Guidelines and Submission Templates. Once the submission is compiled by the project team, you need to upload it for assessment.

2.  Submit your project

We accept web-based submissions only (not CDs/USBs).

There are two options for submitting online:

Submission option 1: Submission Portal

All project teams have access to Submission Portal. To use this, the ‘username’ and ‘password’ is available on the project records, ready for you to use. To view your username and password go to your project details within the Green Star Project Manager.

Note: The ‘username’ and ‘password’ will appear for projects registered from 1 May 2016. Projects registered before this date will be provided with a ‘username’ and ‘password’ to the GBCA Submission Portal upon request.

We've put together some easy-to-follow instructions in case you need assistance in uploading or downloading documents:

Submission option 2: Your own file transfer website

If you are unable to use the Submission Portal you can upload the documentation to your own file transfer website. 

Submission notification

Once you've uploaded the documentation, you need to tell us to assess this by going to the Green Star Project Manager and simply select 'New Request', then choose 'Submit documentation for assessment' and follow the prompts.

You only need to send this when you are ready to have it assessed. No advanced notice is required. However, if you have pressing deadlines, let us know in advance as we will try and accommodate your project's circumstances as much as we can.

Pre-assessment review (Optional paid service) 

Project teams can purchase a pre-assessment review (PAR) for their Round 1 Submission. This service ensures that all required documentation is present and in the correct format before it is reviewed by our third-party assessors. Missing documentation or formatting issues can negatively affect the project’s score.

To purchase this service, please upload the Pre-Assessment checklist indicating you wish to engage GBCA to complete a pre-assessment review. Failure to upload this will mean no pre-assessment review is completed.

Note: This service is carried out by the GBCA at the cost of a Technical Question fee.

3. Round 1 assessment

The results of an assessment of submission documentation are determined by independent third party certified assessor (also called the assessment panel).

The assessment panel will provide one of the following responses for each credit claimed:

  • Point(s) awarded – credit criteria achieved, no need to resubmit.
  • Point(s) to be confirmed – credit criteria not achieved, more information required.
  • Point(s) not awarded – credit criteria not achieved, explanation provided.

Please allow six weeks after we receive the submission to receive the Round 1 assessment results. We will notify the results of the Round 1 assessment to the Applicant contact and project contact by email when the results are ready. The results are available to view within the project record on Green Star Project Manager in the request 'Submit documentation for assessment'. This allows all contacts easy access to the results at any time.

While some projects are able to achieve their desired certified rating at Round 1 assessment, a Round 2 assessment may be required to allow the project team to address the items listed as 'point(s) to be confirmed'. If the project receives their desired Green Star rating at the conclusion of the Round 1 assessment they will not be required to resubmit for a Round 2 assessment.

Clarification of assessment comments

If, after receiving the results, the project team are unsure about how to address the Round 1 comments, the project team have the option to seek 'Clarification of assessment comments'. This is done by simply going to Green Star Project Manager and selecting the request 'Clarification of assessment comments', and follow the prompts. We will then ensure that this is addressed promptly. 'Clarification of assessment comments' was previously known as 'Round 1 queries'.

4. Prepare and submit for Round 2 assessment

Upon receipt of the results of the Round 1 assessment, when there are points 'to be confirmed', the project team is requested to resubmit documentation for these credits in the Round 2 submission. Additionally, new credits can be claimed at Round 2, and documentation should be provided to demonstrate compliance with the credit.

The project team should:

  • Review the certified assessor's comments from the Round 1 assessment and directly address them.
  • Provide additional documentation for the credits to be confirmed, or new credits targeted, as required. The layout of each credit must be as follows: Round 2 documentation (to address Round 1 comments), followed by the original Round 1 submission for the credit. Credits that have already been awarded in Round 1 do not need to be re-submitted, unless changes have been made affecting these credits.
  • Review the General Section and the Submission Templates to identify which new credits are being claimed, that were not claimed in Round 1.
  • In the General Section, clearly identify any significant changes from the Round 1 submission to the Round 2 submission, such as changes to the design which should be considered in the Round 2 assessment (e.g. change in NLA or GFA).

Submission upload and notification process for Round 2 is the same as Round 1.

5. Round 2 Assessment

Pre-assessment review (Optional paid service)

Upon receipt of the Round 2 submission, we will conduct a pre-assessment review similar to the round 1 process. As before, please upload the Pre-Assessment checklist indicating you wish to engage GBCA to complete a pre-assessment review


The assessment panel will conduct an assessment of the documentation, and will provide one of the following responses for each credit claimed:

  • Point(s) awarded – credit criteria achieved, no need to resubmit.
  • Point(s) not awarded – credit criteria not achieved, explanation provided.

Please allow four weeks after we receive the submission to receive the Round 2 assessment results. This will be done the same way as for round 1.

At the end of this assessment, the standard certification process concludes, and this normally results in a certified rating for the project.

6. Certification!

When a certified rating is awarded, the project will receive a certificate and is granted the use of the Green Star certification trademark. 

Click here for advice on how to promote your rating and how we can support you further through promotions and case studies.

Certification  Expiry

All Green Star certified ratings are valid for a restricted period, except Green Star Buildings and Green Star - As Built certified ratings which do not expire. When a project's rating expires, the applicant is able to re-register to re-certify the project, with the exception of Design Review certified ratings.

The certified rating expiry dates and re-certification options are outlined below:

Certified ratingsExpiry
Design Review certified ratingsExpires on the date the project achieves an As Built certified rating; or expires on the date 24 months after the date of practical completion of the project (whichever occurs first).
Green Star Buildings, Green Star - As Built and Green Star - Interiors certified ratingsNo expiry
Green Star – Communities certified ratingsExpires five years after the date of the certified rating.
Before the certified rating expires, the applicant can re-register and re-certify the project, to obtain an updated certified rating for the project.
Green Star – Performance certified ratingsExpires three years and 90 days after the date of the Performance Rating certificate.
Yearly reviews are required in order to maintain a Green Star – Performance rating.  
Before the certified rating expires, the applicant can re-register and certify the project, to obtain an updated certified rating on the project.

What happens if the rating is not achieved?

In the unlikely event that the desired Green Star Certified Rating is not achieved after Round 2 Assessment, the following options are available:

Accept Final Score: If the final score of the project qualifies for a rating, the project can accept and market the result. If the final score of the project does not qualify for a Certified Rating, the certification can be closed.

New certification process: The project has the option of initiating a new Green Star certification process with the us.

Credit-by-Credit assessment: If the project team would like to submit additional documentation for an additional round of assessment.

Appeal: If a project does not achieve its desired Green Star Certified Rating after the Round 2 Assessment, it has the option of lodging a formal Appeal. The process of appeal is outlined in the Certification Agreement.

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