Everyday better cooking with Miele induction cooktops

30 Apr 2024

"Electric is definitely the future of cooking in the home and in commercial kitchens. It’s just cleaner, it’s more efficient and it’s definitely more beneficial for the environment. Everything tends to be neater and cleaner without gas"


Australian chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter.

Induction cooktops are fast becoming the number one choice for homes across the country – and for good reason. 

Your kitchen is the place you entertain friends, try new out new recipes, and cook for loved ones, so it needs to be safe, efficient, and ready for whatever life, or you throw at it. Whether you’re exploring options for a new kitchen, or upgrading your existing kitchen with all electric appliances, our five reasons to switch to induction will guide you to efficient, cleaner cooking that will also save you money in the long run.

Benefits of induction cooking

No matter the kitchen, there is a Miele induction cooktop to fit your lifestyle.

  • Ease and efficiency in the kitchen

Induction cooktops offer more control over your cooking — whether you need to gently melt chocolate, rapidly heat a wok for a stir-fry, or simply keep a pot of food warm for dinner— an induction cooktop ensures your cooking is met with consistency and precision every time you step in the kitchen. Rather than heating the air around you, an induction cooktop directly heats the pot or pan, releasing less heat into your kitchen and making it a cooler space to feed your family. And, when an induction cooktop is turned down, the only heat remaining is what’s stored in the pot or pan.

Because the induction cooktop puts its energy into only heating the pan, it takes a fraction of the time to boil water – saving you precious time and money.

Miele induction cooktops

Induction can reach a maximum temperature of 352°C vs 220°C for gas - providing all the power you need for a stir-fry or steak.

Induction is fast, just taking 3 minutes 7 seconds to reach boiling point vs 8 minutes 34 seconds for gas.

Induction can reach a lower temperature of 38°C vs 52°C for gas - meaning you can melt.

  • Better for your back pocket

While there is an upfront cost that comes with switching to an induction cooktop, including sometimes having to change your pots and pans – depending on your equipment. Luckily, most pots and pans these days are suitable for induction use, including cast iron and steel. If your pots and pans are flat and a magnet sticks to the cookware bottom, there is a good chance you won’t need to change at all!

You begin to see the real benefits to your back pocket once your induction is installed. They are far more efficient, using less energy to do the same task as a gas stove top – running at 85% efficiency compared to just 32% efficiency for gas. Efficient induction cooking means your electricity bill will be less than if you stayed on gas, and you will also avoid the daily gas supply charges which can cost hundreds of dollars a year.

Did you know? Switching your cooking, heating and hot water appliances to all electric appliances could reduce your energy bills by up to $1899 each year.

  • Quick, easy cleaning

Let’s be frank – cleaning a gas cooktop is not easy. On the other hand, the smooth, flat surface of an induction makes for an effortless cleaning experience (and a faster one too). An induction is cooler to the touch after use, meaning you can simply wipe the surface down with a damp cloth, no need for harmful cleaning products, and get back to the more important things – the food you have created.

  • Healthier and safer for people and the planet

Another great reason to make the switch to induction, is the positive impact it will have on your family and the planet. Transitioning to an electric kitchen is another way to reach our climate goals while reducing pollutants in the environment, and where you prepare and cook food. Good ventilation and modern exhaust fans may reduce harmful indoor air pollution cause by non-electric cooktops, but they can’t eliminate it.  

The thoughtful features of a Miele induction cooktop also make them safer for everyone in the kitchen – including a built-in child lock and residual heat indicators that let you know when the surface is completely cool. You can also rest assured there will be less risk of injuries that come with open flames and heat in the kitchen.

  • Seamless design

When it comes to renovating your entire kitchen, or just transitioning from a gas cooktop to induction, you want something that not only makes the most of the space but looks seamless and beautiful too.

Aside from the timeless look of the sleek induction cooktop, the smooth surface design means even that even in the smallest of kitchens there’s no need to sacrifice bench space. When not in use, an induction cooktop opens up your bench top providing more space to chop, mix and plate your meal.

We thank Miele for their ongoing support as a Future Homes partner. Did you know that on average 90% of our time is spent indoors? And 2/3 of that time spent is in the home?  It’s no wonder the home is considered the most important purchase you will ever make, and certainly the most expensive. By choosing a Green Star Home, you can be sure your home meets high standards in health, energy efficiencies and comfort. Learn more about Green Star Homes