"To be the first university in Australia to receive this rating is a significant achievement."


Curtin University Vice-Chancellor

Western Australia’s largest university received Australia’s first 5 Star Green Star – Communities rating for its Master Plan, which will see its Bentley Campus developed into a ‘city of innovation’.

“A 5 Star Green Star rating signifies ‘Australian Excellence’, sets new sustainability benchmarks for Australia’s universities, and provides Curtin University with independent proof that its vision will deliver environmental, economic and social sustainability,” says GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew.

A masterful plan

The Curtin Master Plan will see 114 hectares of the University’s Bentley Campus transformed through urban regeneration over a 20-year period.  Stage 1 of the Master Plan is underway.

The University’s goal is to provide an international campus with world class facilities and a culture of lifelong learning and innovation.

An independent panel of specialists brought together by Curtin University – drawn from academia, local and state government and industry – assessed the Master Plan in terms of planning, sustainability, functionality, landscaping, stakeholder engagement, innovation and creativity, responsiveness to context, build quality, project viability and value for money. 

This process was rewarded full Green Star points for the ‘Context Analysis’ credit and six points for the ‘Design Review’ credit.

“The design review process forms part of Curtin University’s commitment to design excellence and sustainability and to meeting the aspirations of the WA community,” says Andy Sharp, Director, Properties, Facilities & Development, Curtin University.

Employment and economic resilience

Sustainable communities are prosperous. They encourage business diversity, innovation, and economic development, and ensure a strong and resilient local labour market.

Curtin University’s Master Plan achieved full points under the ‘Employment and Economic Resilience’, ‘Return on Investment’ and ‘Community Investment’ credits.

The growth and development of Curtin University will have positive widespread impact by attracting and creating high-quality jobs, innovative businesses, smart people and international researchers and students – all of which will deliver generational benefits to every West Australian.
According to Vice-Chancellor Terry, “Greater Curtin is planned to contribute an estimated $4.5 billion in annual output to the state economy when fully developed, comprising knowledge exports, value added industry and significant wages income.” 

City experience

Curtin University wants its Bentley Campus to contribute to a vibrant, safe, productive and enjoyable 24/7 city.

Having a diversity of amenities within close proximity of where people live, work and play contributes to convenience, walkability and wellbeing. It supports the local economy while reducing reliance on private vehicle ownership. Accessibility is further supported by a comprehensive pedestrian and cycle network to enhance connectivity and safety.

Curtin University was awarded full points for ‘Access to Amenities’, ‘Healthy and Active Living’, ‘Safe Places’ and ‘Culture, Heritage & Identity’ credits.

“Greater Curtin will be the place where arts and culture meet technology and innovation. We seek to become the creative hub for Perth and an attractive vibrant destination for the community,” Vice-Chancellor Terry explains.