ALDI Australia: Leading by example

20 Nov 2017

"With the ALDI distribution centre we have been able to greatly mitigate the impact on the environment through water recycling, improved energy usage and a comprehensive uptake on the use of biodegradable materials."


NDY Director

As the retail industry accelerates the uptake of Green Star, supermarket chain ALDI Australia has emerged as one of the first to lead the charge, and acquired two Green Star certifications in one year. 

ALDI Brendale Distribution Centre was rated the first 4 Star Green Star accredited industrial as-built project in Queensland. 

The building set expectations for the ALDI Distribution Centre at Jandakot, Perth. 

Back in 2015, ALDI project specialists in conjunction with teams of external professionals were working on the design of the new ALDI Distribution Centre in Jandakot. Wherever operationally acceptable and commercially expedient, ALDI adopted appropriate Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) initiatives to reduce operating costs. 

ALDI decided to invest in pursuing a 4 Star Green Star accreditation as-built using features similar to these adopted at Brendale like rainwater harvesting, a centralised ammonia refrigeration plant for cold rooms and dimmable lighting systems for the main warehouse and cool house areas, to name just a few. 

Upon completion of the design the ALDI Jandakot Distribution Centre received a 4 Star rating with 57 points, just 3 points away from a 5 Star Green Star rating. During construction the team of design and sustainability experts implemented further sustainability features and as a result the 4 Star design was turned into a 5 Star building. 

The ALDI Jandakot Distribution Centre is the first 5 Star green industrial building in Western Australia. The time and cost invested into integrating the Green Star requirements into the project paid off and there were no major challenges during construction. 

Good for the environment and for employees 

The features of the ALDI Jandakot Distribution Centre reduce energy and water consumption, and have a positive impact on employees. The indoor environment is healthy and productive for all workers, with high rates of fresh air and natural light, and products carefully selected for their low toxicity. Highly-efficient tapware, fittings and fixtures reduce water consumption, while rainwater harvested from tanks onsite is used in the truck wash station. Skylights over the entire warehouse cut down the need for electric lighting during the day and internal blinds in office areas reduce glare and airconditioning loads. Improved working conditions were achieved through indoor air quality and natural light. There is a CO₂ control of fresh air to offices and air pollutant sensors to warehouse areas. Paints, carpets, adhesives and sealant were carefully selected and chosen for their low VOC. The end of trip cyclist facilities encourage the alternative commuting method and promote employee welfare. 

Sustainable outcome 

ALDI assumes responsibility towards its customers, employees, the community, and the environment. By partnering up with Green Star, ALDI could put its corporate responsibility principles into practice. Working to Green Star requirements encouraged the implementation of innovative concepts and reduction of the climatic and environmental impacts of the distribution centres. It has also led to lower maintenance costs and utility bills as well as improved working conditions. 

Looking to the future 

ALDI is committed to the continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, ALDI will continue to increase its energy efficiency across the business, to minimise the impact of its refrigerants on global warming and to improve logistics efficiency, to use renewable energies, and support climate protection projects. In close cooperation with architects, planning engineers and construction companies, and guided by Green Star accreditation requirements, ALDI will continue to minimise the ecological footprint of its business. The ALDI Jandakot Distribution Centre is now a benchmark for the industry in Western Australia and it evidences the company’s commitment to its people and the planet.