Pixel Building: Water

21 Nov 2016

"Pixel is a world first, not just an Australian first. We believe Pixel is truly the office of the future and one of the most sustainable buildings in the world."


Executive Chairman, Grocon

Pixel is a prototype office of the future. While small, with a gross floor area of just over 1,000sqm, Pixel is packed full of innovative features. To show its innovative mettle, the project claimed 30 innovations.

The installation of small-scale vacuum toilet technology was just one of the innovations awarded. The technology, which is similar to a more sophisticated version of an aeroplane toilet, has been sourced from northern Europe where it has been developed for high-quality office and accommodation buildings. The system has reduced water consumption to an absolute minimum and helps Pixel to maintain water self-sufficiency.

Another standout innovation used in Pixel is the anaerobic digester installed on the ground level. Comprised of a tank system, which will hold all of the blackwater waste from toilets and kitchen facilities, the digester will extract methane from the waste.

The gas harvested is then used to replace natural gas for heating and cooling the water system, while the blackwater waste remaining is sent to the sewer in liquefied form, and with reduced methane levels. 

This result means that Pixel both limits methane emissions and avoids the need for fossil fuel gas to boost the solar hot water system.