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Best Practice Guidelines for PVC

Based on industry feedback, the GBCA has developed guidance on demonstrating compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC Green Star credit.


Best Practices Guidelines for PVC and Supporting Documents

Literature Review and Best Practice Guidelines for the Life Cycle of PVC Building Products  - Provides the conclusions of the PVC credit review. The Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment are provided in section 7.0 of this report.

Auditor Verification Guidance - Provides the means by which auditors are to establish compliance of PVC products to the criteria of the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment.

Stakeholder Feedback Report Revised PVC Credit Includes feedback received during the public comment period of the Draft Revised PVC credit and the response to this feedback, including changes subsequently made to the credit.

Background and Outcomes of the PVC Minimisation Credit Review - Explains the development of the PVC credit.


Demonstrating Compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC

Upon the release of the Green Star - Design & As Built v1.2 and Green Star - Interiors v1.2 rating tools, project teams are able to demonstrate compliance with the Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the following two ways.

1. Audit verification certificate

A valid audit verification certificate for each of the PVC products specified or used in the project. The certificate must clearly state the product name, compliance against the GBCA’s Best Practice Guidelines for PVC, date of validity, auditor’s name, and signature. The auditor must be JAS-ANZ accredited.

2. Product accreditation certificate

A product accreditation certificate from a Green Building Council of Australia accredited scheme. The scheme must clearly reference the guidelines in their standard.



If you required advice on the application of these guidelines, please refer to the following organisations:

For all queries relating to piping:

PIPA – Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Limited


(02) 9884 7400

For all other queries relating to PVC products:

Vinyl Council of Australia


(03) 9510 1711

BEP PVC Product Registry


Referencing Green Star in Product Literature

The GBCA Trade Mark Policy outlines the GBCA's requirements for references to the Green Star trade mark in product literature. All references to Green Star in product advertising must comply with the requirements set out under the GBCA Trade Mark Policy.