Common questions for Green Star Homes

I am not a volume builder. Can I get a certification for a single home that I am building?

At this stage only volume home builders are eligible for Green Star Homes. We encourage those not meeting the volume builder eligibility requirement to explore other options such as Passive House certification.

I am a volume builder with multiple product lines, and variations within each product line. How would I apply the Green Star Homes approach?

We understand that a volume builder may have a range of variations on a single product line. Please contact the Market Engagement team to discuss how Green Star Homes can be best applied in this circumstance.

Can I get a Green Star rating by using someone else beside the GBCA to do the assessment?

No. Green Star Homes is a rating system and Certification Trademark owned and managed by the Green Building Council of Australia. Projects that claim to meet the requirements of Green Star but are not certified by the GBCA are potentially in breach of trademark law and may be accused of ‘greenwash’.

Can I get a Green Star Designed rating without then certifying the completed home?

No. Green Star Homes is intended to certify homes once built. We will provide a Green Star Homes Designed assessment of the design, however you are contractually obliged to follow through to certification once the home isbuilt.

I’m interested. Where do I start?

The first step is to register your product range with the GBCA. Registration formalises the arrangement with the GBCA for an assessment and certification to occur. Once registered, the GBCA can support your project through the certification process and answer questions about the application of Green Star on your project.

Registration is complete when the following has been done:

  • the project details have been entered within the GBCA’s online portal
  • the Certification Agreement has been executed
  • the Certification Fee has been paid

Where do I find information on the technical requirements of Green Star, and how to compile a submission?

All technical and guidance documents provided by the GBCA to project teams can be found in the resources section on the website (please note you will need to be logged into the website to access this). 

Who can help me along the way?

When registering your project with the GBCA, you will be allocated a Technical Coordinator from the GBCA team to act as the key contact with the GBCA through the process and help you navigate through to certification. You may also choose to call upon a Green Star Accredited Professional who can assist you in the process