Marketing your Green Star project

Certified Green Star projects

Has your project achieved Green Star certification?


We know the time and effort that goes into achieving Green Star certification.

It’s not just a financial investment by the project owner to show its commitment to building sustainably, the entire project team goes above and beyond to ensure Green Star certification is achieved.

Download our Marketing and Style Guide to understand the do’s and don’ts of using your Green Star certification trade mark logo.

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Registered Green Star projects

Before achieving certification you can promote your Green Star registered project in writing, but cannot use the Green Star logo or Green Star certification trade mark.

The Green Star certification trade mark can only be used once the project is certified. The Marketing and Style Guide explains how Green Star certified projects can be promoted.

For example: This project is targeting a 5 Star Green Star – Design & As Built v1.2 rating.

If your project changes its targeted Green Star rating, you must immediately notify the GBCA of such a change and take immediate steps to amend any relevant marketing material.

If a project is not registered with GBCA for a Green Star rating it cannot make any statements referring to Green Star.

Any unauthorised use of GBCA’s trade marks may result in legal action.