Homes in Australia

The residential sector accounts for 57% of Australia’s built environment emissions. Our home influences almost every aspect of our lives. Most Australians rely on the regulation to ensure that housing is affordable, high quality, and liveable. But regulation isn’t delivering, we must do better.

the future homes paper articulates our vision for the residential sector

Future Homes

The message from our members is clear, the residential sector is primed for disruption. And to change it, we need a vision for quality homes in Australia.

This is our Future Homes project. Our vision is simple:

  • Great homes provide benefits for everyone
  • Australia needs a clear, unified vision for housing for the future
  • Homes are designed, built and verified to perform.

Future Homes is our program of works to redefine what great housing looks like for Australians. As part of this project, we will create a new standard for quality housing and test ways to verify the construction and performance of homes. 

We will also work with all stakeholders to ensure this standard creates new opportunities for high-quality housing, and helps drive changes in the supply chain. 

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We thank the following organisations for their leadership and their support of our activities in this space.

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Debbie Roussakis, Partnerships Coordinator.

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Who is building future homes, today?

Championing the future of homes

Housing affordability and the cost of living means many Australians are being priced out of our largest cities. Alongside this challenge, the energy efficiency, sustainability and resilience of Australian homes leaves much to be desired, relative to our international peers.

We need better housing, and you can help deliver it.

With your contribution, we can help address these challenges. You can help deliver a program of activities that will set the residential sector on a path of transformation. We need your support to embark on a significant program of works that will change the conversation on homes, the sector that has the most potential to improve the resilience of our cities and quality of life for all. You can become a Future Homes Champion.

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