Green Star courses

In-house training

We provide specialised Green Star in-house training to organisations who want to train large groups of staff – particularly project teams.

What are the benefits of in-house training?

In-house training allows you to:

  • train large numbers of staff at a significantly lower per head cost
  • participate in customised training that caters to the needs of your staff and your organisation’s business objectives
  • invite and engage with your key clients, suppliers and contractors to ensure you’re working together with the same knowledge and understanding of Green Star
  • learn from the most experienced industry professionals - the Green Star Faculty team and GBCA’s Green Star staff
  • choose a time and location for training that suits you
  • demonstrate to your clients and stakeholders your commitment to training in sustainability

In-house training fosters a ‘team’ approach to Green Star providing an opportunity for team building through learning.

What do we provide?

  • presenter: a member of our highly experienced Green Star Faculty team will be selected, based on their skills, experience and location
  • training materials: we will provide any teaching materials required for the training
  • tailored content: you will have the opportunity to approach GBCA in advance to discuss your organisational training requirements, to ensure that the training provided meets your organisational objectives
  • CPD points: any in-house training participant who is involved in GBCA’s CPD program will earn Green Star CPD points

What do you need to provide?

  • training venue: this may be your workplace or another appropriate venue as selected by you. Please note when selecting a venue that ‘green’ venues assist in demonstrating the ethos of green building by providing a practical example of green building design and/or construction.
  • list of attendees
  • relevant AV equipment
  • catering as needed

How much does it cost?

We aim to make training as cost effective and accessible as possible. Costs associated with in-house training will depend on the course and level of customisation required, as well as the corporate membership status of the organisation requesting training.