Strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan for 2018 and beyond

Our industry is responding to a number of forces including increased investor and shareholder expectations, social licence to operate, sustainable development goals, all with the aim of transitioning to a low carbon future.

With this in mind, the GBCA has reset our strategic direction for the next few years, so that we may continue to lead the sustainable transformation of Australia’s built environment.

Our new strategic plan, which looks ahead to 2021, outlines four key areas of focus:

1. Carbon: We believe demonstrating a commitment to net zero emissions will become a competitive advantage for industry leaders, which is why we’ve set an ambitious target: net zero new buildings by 2030 and existing buildings by 2050. Our Carbon Positive Roadmap charts the course – now we need industry, government and the community to work with us.

2. Homes: As the residential sector is responsible for 57 per cent of our built environment emissions, Australia needs a clear standard for housing. We have begun working with our new Future Homes Champions to develop and deliver that standard.

3. Social Infrastructure: Almost half of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from infrastructure. Some of that infrastructure – such as transport hubs and hospitals, sporting facilities and schools – is within Green Star’s influence, and we will be pushing governments to increase their adoption of Green Star and other GBCA standards.

4. Members: Our members are at the centre of our mission, and we will continue to look for new ways to boost membership satisfaction, retention and growth.