Changes to the GBCA login process

We are currently updating our digital platforms so we can better serve our members and Green Star projects. The update will deliver a seamless experience across the website as well as the ability to manage your Green Star project online.

As part of this update we have changed our login process to utilise Microsoft technology. This means that if you created an account using an email address associated with Microsoft, such as Outlook or a company email address that is associated with the Microsoft platform, you need to use the password associated with that email address.

If you set up your GBCA account before this change took place, you will now need to use the Microsoft password instead of the one you created at the time of registration.

If you don’t use a Microsoft email address for your GBCA account, you don't require a password. Instead, you log in using an account verification code that is emailed to you each time. 

Why is GBCA making this change?

We are embarking on a digital transformation journey in partnership with Microsoft. The first stage of this journey is the digitisation of Green Star which is being developed on Microsoft’s platform. To ensure users have a more seamless experience in accessing our current website and resources and the new Green Star application we are updating our entire authentication process to use Microsoft technology (essentially single sign-on).

In entering my Microsoft login details, e.g. work email credentials am I linking GBCA to my work system?

No, Microsoft allows you to link your existing work credentials when accessing other Microsoft-related services, but the two systems are not linked and we have no access to the data and information in your work system.

Does all the data and information in my previous profile transfer over when I use my Microsoft login details?

Yes, we are only updating the way we authenticate a user to access our website and systems. 

When did the changes come into effect?

The changes came into effect on 31 July 2021. 

What is a Microsoft email?

Any email that is associated with Microsoft. This could be a work email address when that organisation uses Office 365 or an Outlook email address. For these emails, the existing password that you use to access your Microsoft-associated account will need to be used. 

What if I don’t use a Microsoft email address?

That is fine. You will still be able to use the Microsoft authentication platform. Instead of using a password you will be emailed an account verification code to use to log in securely each time. 

What if I don’t want to use the same password linked to the Microsoft email address in my GBCA account?

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible as we’re using the Microsoft platform. If you use a Microsoft email in the GBCA system, the passwords need to be the same across other Microsoft software you currently use. To confirm, we do not store this data and using your Microsoft password with the GBCA website does not link GBCA with your work account.

Does GBCA store the password?

No, all passwords are managed through Microsoft and no data sits on our servers.

What if I have forgotten my Microsoft account password?

To reset a forgotten Microsoft account password, use the forgotten password prompt during the log in process or visit the Microsoft support website

What if I have forgotten the email address of my GBCA account?

Please contact GBCA customer support at (02) 8239 6200 or and we will be happy to help.

What if I have moved companies and have a different email address but wish to access my existing account?

You are unable to change the email address in your account yourself. Please contact GBCA customer support at (02) 8239 6200 or to have this changed for you. 

What if my company has blocked access to Microsoft Authentication?

In order for you to successful login to the GBCA website you need to allow access to the Microsoft authentication platform. Please provide your IT department with the following information to allow access to GBCA's tenant:

  • Organisation Name: Green Building Council of Australia
  • Tenant ID: 10835741-57a6-424b-a151-16edddabb2ab
  • Identity:

How do I login?

Go to the login page here, click on the blue 'Sign in with Microsoft' button and follow the instructions. If you do not have an existing Microsoft email, you will be emailed an account verification code to use to log in securely. 

Still having trouble? Here's how you can troubleshoot common issues. 

It may be due to the browser that you are using. The browsers best supported by Microsoft are Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

Any other issues, please contact GBCA customer support at (02) 8239 6200 or