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Sydney Opera House

Age no barrier

As one of the world’s busiest performing arts spaces, the Sydney Opera House is no stranger to the sound of applause.

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A pathway to bold industry transformation

21 Feb 2017

What does the future look like?

And how do we get there? These are questions we’ve been asking ourselves and our members.

And the timing is right to ask these questions. Our collective future is shaped not only by the commitments made in the Paris Agreement – which means transitioning to a carbon zero economy. It is also shaped by urbanisation, innovation in technology, a growing interest in wellness, and awareness of sustainability across the value chain, as well as global political and economic forces.

We are ready to lead.

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Upcoming event

10 Mar 2017

Urban Renewal: Unlocking the Opportunities

Join us for a breakfast event where we'll hear from Councillor Andrea Reimer who has led the charge to make the City of Vancouver a leader in the global green city landscape.

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