World Green Building Week

World Green Building Week is an annual campaign by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) that motivates and empowers us all to deliver greener buildings.

The time is now to act on climate

This is a crucial time for tackling the climate challenge. Countries worldwide are declaring climate emergencies, with calls for a decade of urgent, accelerated action towards 2030 net zero targets.

Industry awareness and accountability are at all-time highs, with leading businesses taking genuine action to demonstrate the solutions available to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Governments are required to step up their efforts, go above and beyond to create better buildings that will create a better tomorrow, and define a new business as usual.

Our Future Focus program responds to the challenges of tomorrow by evolving and adapting our rating tools to ensure Green Star will deliver not just environmental outcomes, but significant social value as well. Learn about the suite of tools and stay tuned for the release of our new Green Star Buildings tool on 29 October. You can also learn about how our Carbon Positive Partners are tracking toward their Net Zero Carbon Buildings goals by tuning into the latest episode of our podcast, The Voice.

What we're doing

Throughout 21-25 September, we will be showcasing partners and strategic projects that accelerate our journey to net zero.

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