Green Star for New Buildings

Announced in March 2019, Green Star for New Buildings reimagines the existing rating tool for new buildings and major refurbishments. It aims to deliver a better, more accessible and relevant experience that meets today’s challenges.

It’s been six months since we finished our initial consultation process. Our feedback report released in November confirmed that we are on the right track. Now it’s time to reveal the detail underpinning our upcoming rating tool.  

On this page you'll find links to a summary report, our changes to the certification process, and for the first time for consultation, the detail of each credit we are proposing under Green Star for New Buildings.

We are seeking your feedback on the proposed credits and on the changes to the certification process. The feedback process ends on Friday, 13 March 2020. 

Before you read more about the detail of the proposed credits, we recommend you do the following: 

To help you navigate the new rating tool, we’ve prepared these fact sheets for:

We say it often, Green Star is built by industry and for industry. We are heartened by your support as we embark on a project to transform the built environment once again.

Elham Monavari, Senior Manager – Strategic Projects, Green Building Council Australia

Providing feedback 

We will only accept feedback via the submission form for each credit, or via a formal briefing session organised by us.  

Each credit has a feedback form attached to it. Please use this form to submit feedback to us.  

You can download every credit as part of one file. This is recommended if you will be submitting feedback for credits across many categories. This allows you to only fill in your details once.  

Alternatively you can download individual categories and submit feedback in that manner.  

You do not have to submit feedback to every credit. 

The feedback process ends Friday, 13 March 2020. 

The proposed rating tool

There are 8 Categories in Green Star for New Buildings. Each category aims to expand the scope of the current rating tool and deliver a more sustainable built environment. There are a number of credits within the rating tool that all buildings seeking a Green Star rating are expected to comply with. These are known as Minimum Expectations. These credits are highlighted with a diamond below. The Positive Category also includes additional requirements for 5 and 6 star rated buildings.

From ensuring we are on a path to 1.5°C to expanding the definition of a sustainable built environment. We have ambitious goals, and thanks to all of your support and help, we will achieve them.

Devan Valenti, Manager, Future Focus, Green Building Council Australia

Download individual Categories and Credits

Responsible Products Value Matrix

This document provides an insight into our thinking, and explains how we propose tackling the Responsible Products credits in Green Star for New Buildings. It also presents how we propose scoring the various initiatives.

Download the Consultation Paper

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