Living Green Star

What is Living Green Star?

Living Green Star is a brand new blog, focused on telling the stories of people who live in Green Star rated apartments, communities and retirement living villages. It has been created in response to the needs of Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) members, developers and Green Star project owners who asked us for a simple, easy way to convey the benefits of Green Star to their customers.

How can I contribute?

The GBCA can’t do this without your help! We need members, developers and Green Star project owners to connect us with the people who live in, own, invest in, or rent in one of their projects. 
You can point them in our direction via the address: 

You can also send any pre-existing content that aligns with blog’s brand and vision to the above address.

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Finally, you can ensure you follow Green Star Living on social media, and direct potential buyers to do the same FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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