Rating not achieved

Burwood Brickworks, VIC. Frasers Property Australia and Australand Holdings. 6 Star Green Star – Communities v1.

In the unlikely event that the desired Green Star Certified Rating is not achieved after Round 2 Assessment, the following options are available:

Accept Final Score: If the final score of the project qualifies for a rating, the project can accept and market the result. If the final score of the project does not qualify for a Certified Rating, the certification can be closed.

New Certification Process: The project has the option of initiating a new Green Star certification process with the GBCA.

Credit-By-Credit Assessment: If the project team would like to submit additional documentation for an additional round of assessment.

Appeal: If a project does not achieve its desired Green Star Certified Rating after the Round 2 Assessment, it has the option oflodging a formal Appeal. The process of appeal is outlined in the Certification Agreement.