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Consultation and Feedback

Public Consultation on minor updates to Rating Tools

Green Star – Design & As Built, Green Star – Interiors

Consultation is now closed.

Here at the GBCA we are continually seeking industry feedback on proposed updates to Green Star rating tools. From November 2016, we held a two-month consultation process on the proposed minor updates to Green Star – Design and As Built and Green Star- Interiors. This consultation period has now closed.  

What is being proposed?

The proposed updates included minimum requirements to achieve 5 star and 6 star ratings in ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’, introducing air tightness testing in ‘Commissioning & Tuning’, and emphasising material design and selection in ‘Impacts from Materials: Life Cycle Assessment’. The proposed updates to the rating tools are varied and are carried out to ensure we continue to drive best practice outcomes.

The following consultation papers were released for public consultation and outline the updates that were proposed. These are provided for reference only, as the consultation period has closed.

1.       Overview

2.       Greenhouse Gas Emissions

3.       Building Air Tightness

4.       Life Cycle Assessment and draft calculator

5.       Structural Engineered Timber

6.       Construction Environmental Management

7.       Metering & Monitoring

8.       Innovation

What was the response?

In total, we received 121 responses from 62 respondents. For a minor rating tool update, this represents significant engagement with the Australian building industry.

The majority of responses are positive, meaning industry is supportive of the lead we’re taking. Some of the updates will need to be tweaked in order to respond to specific feedback.

What next?

The Market Transformation team will review all feedback received to inform the next steps. This will include further industry consultation through our Advisory Groups and specialist Working Groups. All updates will then need be approved via the Green Star governance structure before being introduced into the rating tools.   

Once these updates are approved they will be included in the Version 1.2 releases of the Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors rating tools. Both rating tools are due to be released in the second quarter of 2017.

Following the release of the rating tools, we will also release a summary report covering the feedback responses received and how the comments were addressed.

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone that has been involved for supporting our ongoing development of the Green Star rating tools. In particular, we would like to thank all members of the specialist Working Groups and all industry stakeholders who provided feedback as part of the consultation period. We value your input, time and commitment.

It is only thanks to close collaboration with industry that the GBCA can continue to lead the market transformation to a sustainable built environment.

Reports on Past Consultation

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