Green Star plaques

In 2018, the GBCA launched its Green Star Certified plaque. The plaque is available for purchase by all Green Star projects which achieved a 4, 5 or 6 Star Green Star certification. Note, you must have achieved 'As Built' in order to purchase a plaque for a project that has a Design & As Built rating.

Please note you will need to input your project number in order to complete your purchase of a plaque.

The story behind the Green Star Certified plaque

Our Members, gave us a clear brief, and we listened. You told us: 

  • You wanted to showcase your Green Star achievement via a sleek, modern and durable plaque.
  • You wanted to be able to give the plaque prime position within your building.
  • And you wanted something multi-functional to meet diverse needs.

Green Star plaque

Where can you use the plaque?

We know that some of you will want to mount the plaque on your building, some will want to showcase it in your lobby and some of you may even want it to take prime position in your CEO’s office. That’s why we produced a versatile design that works anywhere.

Currently it is recommended that the plaque is used indoors only in order to ensure its longevity.

However we will shortly be launching a version specifically designed for outdoor use. Check in here regularly for updates.

Green Star plaque design

The design

We engaged design agency Jane Fender to help us produce our new plaque design.
An extensive range of prototypes were contemplated, stakeholder feedback was sought and market testing was undertaken before we landed on the final version.

Sustainability credentials

Every care has been taken to ensure this plaque, and its packaging, is made from sustainable materials. The plaques have been made from FSC certified Australia Timber B95, Queensland silver ash. Each one is painted with a VOLVOX paint, a V.O.C. free, water based, non-drip, and long lasting wood finish for interior and exterior use. VOLVOX is made from natural and non-toxic raw materials. The manufacturing process ensures ecological sustainability and avoids water pollution. No chemical solvents are used. The star featured on each one is made from a silver stainless steel. The packaging is made from FSC certified recycled corrugated cardboard.

Sustainability credentials


The standard price for each plaque is $550 per unit + GST. In addition, you must opt for a postage cost from one of the below states in order to complete your order. 


We opted for Definitive Group to supply us with these plaques due to their trusted brand, sustainability credentials and previous work they have done with many of our Members. Definitive Group are a local NSW business specialising in pre-press, digital screen, printing, finishing, vinyl installation and glass.

Mounting your plaque

The Green Star Certified plaque is 220mm x 220mm. It is a highly versatile design and material that can be mounted according to your requirements depending on the surface and material you are working with. We recommend coordinating with your building management team to plan.

New Green Star Decals

The new decals have been designed as another option for you to highlight your project’s achievement. They are remarkably easy to apply to glass and can even be reused. 
We’ve created a range of options to suit every project. You can choose a decal that displays a simple Green Star Certified mark, one that highlights your project’s level of certification by number or description, or a story decal that explains what your certification means.

They’re available to purchase on our website now. We can’t wait to see them displayed on windows soon, so remember to take a photo and tag us on social media.


We want to hear from you. Feel free to share your feedback so that we can continue to improve our products and ensure they address your needs. Contact us at: