Certified rating

Your green stamp of approval

A Green Star certified rating is a third-party verification of a project's sustainability outcomes.

Marketing a certified project 

Once a project is certified the applicant will be provided with:

All these items will be available to the applicant in the Green Star Project Manager.

The GBCA can work with the applicant to develop a project case study and will assist with promotion of the project's achievements through events, site tours, media campaign, guest speaker engagements and press coverage. Framed certificates can be purchased from the GBCA. We can also talk to you about producing other tailored marketing materials such as decals.

Find out more on how you can market your Green Star certified project by contacting us directly.

Desired rating not achieved 

There are options available in the unlikely event that your project does not obtain your desired Green Star certified rating.

Expiry summary table

All Green Star certified ratings are valid for a restricted period, except As Built certified ratings which do not expire. When a project's rating expires, the applicant is able to reregister to recertify the project, with the exception of Design Review certified ratings.

The certified rating expiry dates and re-certification options are outlined below:

Certified rating

Design Review certified ratingsExpires on the date the project achieves an As Built certified rating; or expires on the date 24 months after the date of practical completion of the project (whichever occurs first).
As Built certified ratingsNo expiry for the following tools:
Green Star – Design & As-Built
Green Star – Interiors
Green Star – Communities certified ratings

Expires five years after the date of the certified rating certificate.

Before the certified rating expires, the applicant can re-register and certify the project, to obtain an updated certified rating for the project.

Green Star – Performance certified ratings

Expires three years and 90 days after the date of the Performance Rating certificate.

Yearly reviews are required in order to maintain a Green Star – Performance rating.

Before the certified rating expires, the applicant can re-register and certify the project,
to obtain an updated certified rating on the project.

There are five simple steps to achieve certification:

  1. Register your project online
  2. Get technical support
  3. Compile your submission documentation
  4. Submit documentation for assessment
  5. Green Star certified rating achieved

You can register your project online.

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