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The need to identify qualified professionals who have the knowledge and skills to integrate sustainability thinking and action into the design, construction and operations of the built environment is growing.

To help meet the need, the GBCA has developed the Green Star Professional development program which allows professionals to be recognised for their knowledge and contribution to building a more sustainable built environment. This program has been underpinned by two key qualifications, the: 

  • Green Star Accredited Professional and;
  • Green Star Associate.

Green Star Accredited Professional

The Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) qualification allows green building professionals who work with Green Star rating tools to participate in ongoing training that is useful and relevant to their specialised Green Star work. Individuals who have achieved Green Star Accredited Professional status have unique benefits which include the following:

  • Recognition of Leadership and expertise in the Green Star rating system. Becoming a qualified GSAP means professionals have taken time to understand the rating tool, why it is important and how it will assist in improving more sustainable outcomes.
  • Futureproofing careers. With over 1000 Certified Green Star projects, demand for qualified professionals continues to grow. Industry demand continues to grow and having this expertise is a must!
  • Demonstration of commitment to ongoing professional development. GSAP’s are committed to ongoing, annual learning.

Steps to become a GSAP.

There are four simple steps to becoming a recognised GSAP:

  1. Complete the online introduction to Green Star module and quiz. This is a free, easily accessible, online module which provides a quick but comprehensive overview of the history and role of the Green Building Council of Australia and the Green Star sustainability rating system.
  2. Attend a Green Star Foundation Course. The Green Star Foundation course is an interactive, face-to-face course designed to give participants an introduction to the fundamentals that underpin the Green Star rating tool. Three specific foundation courses have been developed which include Green Star Design & As Built, Green Star Performance, and Green Star Communities. Participants select the foundation course for their respective interest or discipline and attend. Upon registration for a Green Star Foundation Course, participants are automatically enrolled in the CPD program.
  3. Pass the GSAP online exam. Before becoming a GSAP, participants are required to pass an exam to test their comprehension of the Green Star rating system and relevant Foundation Course content. The exam is both online and open book.
  4. Log in to the CPD portal and maintain ongoing learning requirements. Upon successful completion of the exam, participants are required to maintain their qualification by demonstrating their ongoing commitment to training and development. Activities can be demonstrated through both GBCA and non-GBCA related training and events.

Green Star Associate

The Green Star Associate (GSA) qualification recognises professionals who understand the fundamentals of sustainability in the build environment, and the role Green Star plays in this. The GSA qualification acknowledges the commitment of those who support green design, construction and operation, but who are not directly involved in Green Star project work or submissions. GSA’s can play a strong role in organisational commitment to built environment sustainability help communicate the language of sustainability. 

Steps to becoming a GSA.

The three simple steps to becoming a recognised GSA are:

  1. Complete the online introduction to Green Star module and quiz.
  2. Attend a Green Star Foundation Course.
  3. Log in to the CPD portal and maintain ongoing learning requirements

Maintaining qualifications

Both professional qualifications include an individual’s commitment to ongoing professional training and development of the course of the 12 month CPD period. To maintain a GSAP qualification, participants will need to achieve a minimum of 15 CPD points within the 12 month CPD period, whilst GSA qualifications require a minimum of 8 CPD points.

I want to enrol!

The first step is to register for the program. 

What is our CPD program?

  • specialised training and education
  • a valuable accreditation that differentiates professionals within the market place; and
  • a forum for knowledge-sharing and engagement with other green building leaders.

Getting started

Before you get started on the professional development program and earn CPD points, you'll need to complete one of our foundation courses. Below are three of the Foundation Courses that will help advance your knowledge and credentials within industry:

Green Star – Design & As Built foundation course

The Green Star – Design & As Built Foundation Course focuses on the content and application of the various Green Star – Design and As Built rating tools, including the business case for building green, the rating tools available, the categories and credits within the tools, and the steps to register and certify a project. 

Green Star – Performance foundation course

The Green Star – Performance Foundation Course focuses on the fundamentals of the Green Star – Performance rating tool for existing building operations. The course covers the business case for sustainable operations and facilities management, the online rating tool, the categories and credits within Green Star – Performance, and the steps to register and certify a project.

Green Star – Communities foundation course

The Green Star – Communities Foundation Course focuses on the application of the Green Star - Communities rating tool, including the business case for sustainable community and precinct development, the categories and credits within the tool and the certification model.

Take the first step and book yourself into a Foundation Course. 

Then begin the CPD program.

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